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Repeater Detail for W7AES

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System Information
Callsign: W7AES
City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Country: USA
Website: http://www.wa7hxo.us
Gateway Registration URL: https://w7aes.dstargateway.org/Dstar.do
Gateway Enabled: YES
DSTARMonitor Enabled: YES
ARRL Listed: NO
Trust Server: K5TIT
Frequency Information
2 Meters (Usually "C" Node): 147.97500MHz -0.600
70 Centimeters (Usually "B" Node): 449.57500MHz -5.000
23 Centimeters Voice (Usually "A" Node): 1282.39000MHz -12.000
23 Centimeters Digital Data 1299.39000MHz
Additional Information
First \"full stack\" in Nevada. On the air since November, 2007. Located in the hills south of Las Vegas at 4,330 feet. W7AES is owned and operated by the Las Vegas Repeater Association (LVRA). If registration through W7AES is delayed, contact mel_parrish@yahoo.com. For more information see www.wa7hxo.us, \"Radio Modes\" tab.

Unique Stations Heard In The Last 14 Days on W7AES
Callsign Time Heard Reporting Node
K6UV 08/30/16 23:46:16 UTC W7AES C 2 Meters
K6TDM 08/30/16 23:44:26 UTC REF012 Dongle User DVD
N7TND 08/30/16 22:29:28 UTC W7AES Dongle User DVD
DF2OO 08/30/16 18:22:09 UTC REF001 Dongle User DVD
KE7WOD 08/30/16 15:13:48 UTC W7AES B 440 MHz
WG1N 08/30/16 04:06:36 UTC REF030 Dongle User DVD
WR5G 08/30/16 01:56:04 UTC W7AES B 440 MHz DVD
KD6ALI 08/29/16 17:42:14 UTC W7AES B 440 MHz
N7ZEV 08/28/16 17:25:18 UTC W7AES B 440 MHz
W7OQF 08/28/16 15:40:23 UTC W7AES B 440 MHz
KG7SS M 08/28/16 05:02:12 UTC W7AES C 2 Meters
KG7SS P 08/28/16 04:50:59 UTC K7NAZ B 440 MHz DVD
KG7SS T 08/28/16 04:18:50 UTC W7AES A 1.2GHz
W1EHU 08/20/16 00:39:22 UTC REF030 Dongle User DVD
KG7QWC 08/18/16 19:51:59 UTC KI6WZX B 440 MHz

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