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D-Star Solutions

Below are some of the applications that D-Star Digital technology can interact with. Stay tuned, because new applications are coming out all the time!

Application Description
ircDDB Add On
by Michael Dirska, DL1BFF
Platform: Linux+Java (for gateways registered with US Root trust server)
The ircDDB add-on software connects gateways to the ircDDB network. The ircDDB network exchanges call sign routing information using dedicated IRC servers (Internet Relay Chat). It speeds up roaming between repeaters and modules considerably. It also enables call sign routing with homebrew repeaters. The software is also available for non-Icom gateway solutions. This software will not interfere with normal gateway operations or registration with USRoot Server.

by Brian Roode, NJ6N
Platform: Windows
d*Chat is a Windows based keyboard to keyboard communication application that uses the D-STAR "DV" data capability. d*Chat is used to enable text-based communication between multiple stations on a simplex frequency or through a repeater.
  Check out this free and very useful IM chat tool for the Icom D-STAR system. Basic, non-internet dependent software helps in emergency communications. See it here in action

by Dan Smith, KI4IFW
Platform: Python (All Python Enabled Systems)
D-RATS is a small application designed to provide data communication capabilities with D-STAR radios. It supports text chatting, file transfers, position reporting and mapping, and much more!

D-Star In Emcomm UseThis You Tube Video features a demo by the Washington Country Oregon ARES group.

D-Star Use in OregonKE7FTE Explains why the Washington County Sherrifs office and the local ARES group chose D-Star radios for Emergency Communications in Washington Country Oregon.KD

D-PRS Interface
by Pete Loveall, AE5PL
Platform: Windows
A GUI application which provides a bridge between APRS clients and low-speed ports of the D-STAR radios.

µSmartDigi™  D-Gate™ D-Star Gateway
by Rich Painter, AB0VO
Platform: N/A (Hardware)
A compact, portable TNC designed to gateway position packets between a D_Star digital network and a conventional analog APRS network via a D-Star radio and a conventional radio.
  (Click images to see hardware)

by Pete Loveall, AE5PL
Platform: Java (All Java enabled systems)
(Note: Link is to download only. Documentation for this application is provided on a PDF file in the download) DStarQuery works in tandem with javAPRSSrvr or D-PRS Interface to monitor the D-STAR serial data port (or USB port for the ID-1) for commands/queries from remote stations. Upon receiving a recognized command/query, DStarQuery will run the associated application and return whatever is the "printed" by the application.

D-Star LED TX/RX Modification
by Eric Wolf, N5EBW
Platform: N/A
Currently not availableThe N5EBW LED Repeater Modification is a drop in replacement to the RP2000V, RP4000V, RP2D, or RP2V to give you transmit and receive lights on the front of these modules. This is a great tool to aid in troubleshooting and diagnosing problems with your repeater system!

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