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Repeater Detail for W4ILD

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System Information
Callsign: W4ILD
City: St.Petersburg
State: FL
Country: USA
Website: http://www.qrz.com/db/w4ild?
Gateway Registration URL: N/A
Gateway Enabled: YES
DSTARMonitor Enabled: NO
ARRL Listed: YES
Trust Server:
Frequency Information
2 Meters (Usually "C" Node): N/A
70 Centimeters (Usually "B" Node): N/A
23 Centimeters Voice (Usually "A" Node): N/A
23 Centimeters Digital Data N/A
Additional Information
The \"W4ILD\" is a STARnet Digital Talk Group Accessed by your [UR] Callsign. User radios subscribe to this Talk Group by simply putting the W4ILD Talk Group Callsign into the destination [UR] address of your D-STAR radio header and quick keying their transmitter. Once this is done you are instantly subscribed, any transmissions are directed to this Talk Group will hence be automatically relayed to the repeater where the subscribing station was last heard. Understand that then your particular subscribing station can move from repeater to repeater and upon a transmission from the subscribing station to the repeater, the Group will automatically redirect to the W4ILD Talk Group transmissions to your individual subscribing stationís new repeater.\r\n\r\nWe hope everyone enjoys using this Talk Group that has been made possible and available by the Cyrus Radio Network Club here in St.Petersburg, Florida USA.

Current Time is 07/18/2024 23:43:13 UTC

Unique Stations Heard In The Last 14 Days on W4ILD
Callsign Time Heard Reporting Node
No Stations heard!

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